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Rococo X POPIL X Yohood

2017, I Crossover Fashion brand Rococo ,Curated “Rococo X POPIL X Yohood”  for Yohood Fashion Festival,I curated a series of art installations ,sculpture and costume design for Rococo.在2017年,我与潮流服饰品牌Rococo跨界艺术,我参与并策划了;“Rococo X POPIL X Yohood”潮流盛典,帮Rococo策划一系列的艺术装置雕塑和服饰设计。


Rabbit girl sculptures

In the exhibition, I design a Rococo image ‘s bunny girl installation art.

Drafts & Designs

Beginning with the draft, I designed the young girl of Rococo’s image, referring to the image of the American pulley girl in the 1980s.从草稿开始,我设计了Rococo形象的少女,参考了80年代的美国的滑轮少女形象。

Art Exhibition of Rococo

Rococo’s clothing has always led the girl-style fashion. I refer to the brand’s inherent rabbit image and redesign it. Combines personal style painting with the characteristics of the girl. I designed a pulley rabbit girl that symbolizes freedom and American retro. And made a 3-meter-high statue to become a Rococo art installation.


Beginning with drafts, designing and crafting, sculpture pulley rabbit girl

Each production detail is in proportion to the design draft.

The final art installation perfectly integrates Rococo’s fashion in the exhibition.

Painting and Fashion

Bring my designs into Rococo-style fashion, combining Rococo’s new designs

Rococo pattern design by me -Model show

Rococo pattern design by me -My dress