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Magic forest Exhibition魔幻森林展览

Lost in Magic Forest 魔幻森林

100 Days of Polar Night Magic Adventure transported me from the real world to the magic forest. The feelings I experienced in Finland will forever stay with me: love, joy, fear, anger, courage, trust, excitement, anger, gratitude, weakness, doubt, sadness, loss, nostalgia.

I am now over 30 years old, it’s hard to describe myself as a girl, but I can still recognize the feeling. A girl finds power in letting go of her fears, feeling the excitement of the unknown and embracing the beating of her heart, she feels the beat of her pulse spread from the heart to the arm, tension and anticipation growing. I felt this feeling when told myself, “It’s time leave my home town, time to strike out into the unknown”. Even at that time, my impression of Finland was mostly that which I saw reflected in Finland’s unique design culture, but I had no understanding of how to survive cold and vast wilderness that was the true nature of Finnish life.

Nevertheless, I set out to Finland with eagerness and anticipation as I embarked on 100 Days of Polar Night Magic. 100 Days of Polar Night Magic was an epic campaign organized by VisitFinland and Finnair in winter season of 2015/2016. The expedition gave 5 outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the wonders and challenges of the Finnish winter in a truly unique way.

The selection process included adventurers from around the world, I was the sole Chinese adventurer chosen to serve as a representative of China to join the international adventure team. Shortly after arriving in Finland I met with the team of adventurers to begin our Polar Night Magic trip.

The trip was comprised of 18 outdoor physical challenges, challenges that took us around Finland and the Arctic Circle to experience the true Finnish winter through wilderness survival and extreme sports. Challenges included: Reindeer sledding, hunting the “Revontulet” (Northern lights), climbing icefalls, ice diving, kite skiing, snow rally car racing, telemark skiing. The course of the trip exposed us to the experience of a true Finnish Christmas, the majesty of the Northern Lights, and the magic of Finland’s forest.

I believe that being accepted into this trip was more than luck. I always try to push myself to seize any opportunity and to not fear failure. I see adventure and new experiences as a way to grow.

If someone were to ask me what I am most afraid of, in fact, it would be darkness and silence. It is well known that long timespans in the Polar environment and the stress of wilderness survival can create unpredictable psychological barriers including depression. Still, my fear of not facing true challenges outweighs any other fears, and facing these challenges without fear was something that I needed to prove to myself.

To go from an adventure to being safely back home after facing so many survival tests still feels strange. Sometimes I feel as if those stories never happened, or that they have never truly ended. Finland’s natural environment, the animals and plans, and the Northern Lights aurora now feel so far from me, but they still continue to inspire my creativity. In my brain there is always a voice telling me to paint what is in my mind’s eye. This is the true magic of adventure.

Thanks to all who have supported me! I thank God for giving me the perseverance and direction to make it through the trip and come back home safely.

Special thanks also to VisitFinland, Finnair, and the Consulate of Finland in Shanghai.

Welcome to Popil’s Magic Forest.





my extrion

Finnish adventure inspired my creation.

Finland’s magical winter inspired my creation, “Magic Forest” exhibits include; installation art, photography, painting…芬兰的魔幻冬季,激发了我的创作,在“魔幻森林”展品;包括了装置艺术、摄影以及绘画作品…


2016.9.14 — 11.13.
GuangZhou Beijing Rd, No.225 GLORIA Concept gallery

VisitFinland X POPIL

Magic forest Stamp Workshop

Shang Hai China

2016.12.17 — 2017.01.03
ShangHai Ju Lu RD. No.405. RGF Design & Coffee Shop


Special thanks Director of the Consulate General of Finland, Mr. Jan Wahlberg. to the RGF team. VisitFinland, Finnair, And the support of Santa Claus from Finland!

Shang Hai

2016.10.28 — 2017.01


Finland Magic Forest ExhibitionShanghai!In"The Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai". I would like to thank the Director of the Consulate General of Finland, Mr. Jan Wahlberg!And VisitFinland ,Finnair ! Thanks all your support!


2016.12.17 — 2017.01.03
LandMark.Riverside Park.Chongqing. China

The First Chongqing , Finnish Cultural Festival ,Magic Finnish Tour

100 Days Of Polar Night Magic

100 days of Polar Nigh Magic was an epic campaign organised by Visit Finland and Finnair in winter season 2015/2016. The expedition gave 5 outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the wonders and challenges of the Finnish winter in a truly unique way.

Now you can watch our adventure in Visiting Finland Youtube Channels