“India suitcase” touring exhibition 印度行李箱巡回展览

2010, I traveled to the India,The mystery of India and the traditional art culture have attracted me. Inspired my creative, to integrate Indian culture into my art. After my trip, I curated “India suitcase”The touring exhibition,Exhibitions in six Chinese cities, And write a book…2010年,我远赴印度,神秘的色彩和美术文化深深吸引着我。激发了我灵感,并策展”印度行李箱“巡展。在中国的六个城市举行,把印度文化融合艺术,并把经历写作成书…


I painted an elephant!

Indian suitcase exhibition, in addition to the installation art, fabric, illustration … exhibits, also played my process of painting the elephant video.印度行李箱展览,除了由装置艺术、布艺术、插画等展品,现场也有播放我绘画大象的视频