The Exhibition.

I’m an artist and a curator. I like the mix of new media art and crossover brands, I think art can be diversified to bring new energy into traditional disciplines.我是一名艺术家和策展人。 喜欢新媒体艺术和跨界品牌的集合,我认为艺术可以多元化,为传统艺术带来新的活力。

More curated

[From pictogram to software :On Chinese typography

2018 NOV ,RISD GD Commons [From pictogram to  software : On Chinese typography ]罗德岛设计学院,从象形图到软件;四方上下,中文字体设计展览。

Barrington Asian Art Night

In 2018 MAR. I ‘m attended the Asian art night exhibition in Barrington.Presented old culture of Chinese style, And curated the seal workshop .2018三月,我策划了Barrington亚洲艺术之夜,包括个人展览,现场绘画和印章工作坊…

Rococo X Popil X Yohood

In 2017, I participated in the Yohood Fashion Festival “Rococo X POPIL X Yohood” and collaborated with Rococo on fashion and installation art. 2017年,我参加了“Rococo X POPIL X Yohood”Yohood时装节,与Rococo合作了服饰设计和装置艺术。

Magic Forest 魔幻森林

In 2016, I curated the “Magic Forest” roving exhibition. After the 100-day polar night magic adventure in Finland, I took the real world to the magical forest…2016年,我策划了“魔法森林”巡回展览。经过芬兰魔幻极夜100天冒险,把我从现实世界推进了魔幻森林…

"Look Through "Exhibition

In 2014,《Look Through》Graffiti exhibition, In Shanghai China. Magda Danysz Gallery taken over Bund18’s front store for an exclusive street art exhibition… 2014年。我参与了法国Magda Danysz画廊接管Bund18的前店,举办独家街头艺术展…

India suitcase 印度行李箱

2010, I traveled to the India,The mystery of India culture and art have inspired my creative,  into my art,exhibition, And book…2010年我远赴印度,神秘色彩和文化激发了我灵感,把经历融合艺术展览,并写作成书…