My graffiti story

From 2009, I like to enlarge my work and blend it into graffiti art. I started with friends, did graffiti in China. Actually, China’s graffiti culture is not that long. But Moving on time, Internet has been developed and foreign artists Visiting, we have further understanding and exchange of graffiti. Graffiti has also become my hobby.从2009年,我喜欢把作品放大化,把涂鸦融入到艺术。我和几个朋友在中国开始了涂鸦。其实中国的涂鸦文化并不是很久历史,但随着互联网的发展和外国游人的到访,我们开始慢慢明白和了解到涂鸦。涂鸦也渐渐成为我的兴趣。

"Look Through "Exhibition

In 2014,《Look Through》Graffiti exhibition, In Shanghai China. Magda Danysz Gallery taken over Bund18’s front store for an exclusive street art exhibition that is aimed at being shared live to witness the work in progress. A dozen international artists are invited for this project, from the pioneers of street art such as Futura, international figures such as JonOne, Thomas Canto and Poesia to the most up-and-coming young generation like Ludo, YZ, and Seth, Popil…The public will have access to see the work in progress by looking through the windows of Bund18, and even videos of their performances inside. This unique preview experience will be open between November 18 and November 20……在2014 年。法国Magda Danysz画廊接管Bund18的前店,举办独家街头艺术展,《Look Through》旨在通过现场分享见证正在进行的工作。这个项目邀请了十几位国际艺术家,他们来自Futura等街头艺术先驱,JonOne,Thomas Canto和Poesia等国际知名人士,以及Ludo,YZ,Seth,Popil 等年轻一代。通过查看Bund18的窗口,公众将有机会看到正在进行的工作,甚至他们的表演里面的视频。

Photography studio “Meethepeople”

In 2012, For Photography studio “Meethepeople” .In China Meaning of China & Photography ‘s culture  2012年,我帮为处于上海的 “Meethepeople” 摄影工作室完成了一副代表中国与摄影文化的涂墙。